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Dublin Trend Painters

Dublin Trend Painters are a painting company that specialize in house painting, house decorating, wallpaper hanging and operate from their base located in Dublin, Ireland.

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Project Details

For this project, we were hired to create a fully responsive website design for the painting company in dublin. The design had to be responise on mobile, desktop and ipad screen sizes.

For building this website, Dublin Trend Painters has sent in some images that their workers took of jobs that they have done in the past couple of years, so we picked out the best images and turned it into a fully functioning website with a online quotation page, which automatically sends a message to dublin trend painters owner.

Zproductions web design project dublin painters
Zproductions web design project dublin painters Zproductions web design project dublin painters

Our Approach

Before starting this project, the website needed a logo, and since Dublin Trend Painters didint have a logo yet, we brought it upon us to create and design a logo that would suite the look of the website. We got a hold of 3 logos designed for the client, and one was picked out by dublin trend painters them selfs.

For this website design project, we decided to use wordpress for the platform. We chose wordpress for this project, because we needed it to be simple for the customer to upload his own new images of work done and update content when things in the company changed. We also made video's after the project was completed regarding how to update content and images on his website when he needs to.

Zproductions web design website screenshot dublin alezans


We developed a perfectly color balanced website that was unique and attractive. The website was SEO optimised and gotindexed by google spiders in a week. We developed an awesome online quotation form, which sends the client an email once somebody requested a quote through the website.

With our website design, dublin trend painters can now get quotes and get contact numbers online quickly.

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