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Alezans are an innovative company that primarily manufacture and supply Beer Line cleaning machines and beer dispense equipment to the beverage industry.

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The Challenge

To create a fully working and responsive website which can be be viewed beautifully on any device, such as a laptop, desktop or a mobile phone.

To build a top quality and user friendly webpage for interested and/or even potential future customers, to view a product and read some specifications of the machines that Alezans has to offer - Using some top quality images taken and sent to us by Alezans.

Zproductions web design project alezans
Zproductions web design project alezans Zproductions web design project alezans

Our Approach

A series of UX workshops were setup in Dublin, Ireland in which we included a select list of key customers and these were focused on the target audience. All information from the website design workshops was distilled and included in the final solution.

Using an agile project management process for development we managed to work with the client to provide a solution that focused on the requirements drawn out in the UX sessions. The solution was built in Umbraco and our own in-house bespoke eCommerce platform.

Zproductions web design website screenshot dublin alezans


We developed a bespoke online website design that is fully SEO optimised for top google and other browser rankings, the webpage is fully web responsive, which means you can view it in any device, such as a laptop, desktop or even a mobile phone!

With our solution in place, sales have grown consistently over the past years with record sales achieved for the current year.

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