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Why is a website needed? Here is the top 5 reasons why 2020.

why do you need a website

Online Proof

Nowdays having a website for your business should be on the top of your to do list. Since you are here, you must be doubting the need of a website for your business, that's fine, beacuse with our top 5 reasons, were sure you will change your mind.

Think about it, when you are in the need for something urgent, where do you look? thats right! the internet. For example, you need to get your business workplace repainted,and you need to hire a team of painters dublin, what's the first thing you do? In most cases, you would search up painters in dublin, and would get a list of websites to hire painters within your area.

Another reason why a website is needed in 2020 is for proof of you exsisting, so imagine if your friend recommended you a lovely restraunt, and you luckily remember it by name, wouldent you have to check it out online before visiting, i know i would, and if its not found online, i would go with another option that is more known. Having your brand name online makes it more popular, because you can get online reviews for your business by the likes of facebook, twitter, trustpilot which will in turn make your company be more trusted and attract more customers to your brand name.

Get More Clients

get more clients from website

Sounds awesome doesnt it? Well its true, there has been many study's showing that a website can directly increase your customer count, because imagine being on the top of google and each time a client needs your service, they can find you straaight away.

Getting clients from google is very rewarding, but to actually earn clients through google, you need to work very hard beforehand, because google doesnt just pick random people to be at the top of their ranking pages. To be on the top of google ranking pages and to earn traffic through google, you would typically need to work on a websites seo, Search engine optimisation, this can be done by regularly updating your website with new fresh content, and creating backlinks which are high of quality.

Beat your competitors

beat competition

Well the title says it all, when you have a website set up online, you are guaranteed to beat your competitors is your area. Here is an example for you. Imagine you have your own dentist company in dublin, and down the road there is another dentist office offering the same services for the same price as you, who will get more customers? Johnny down the street that has no website and hopes for clients to find them on their own, or you on the otherhand that has a fully functioning website where potential clients can see a map where you are loacted with appointment booking numbers, or even an online appointment booking form to make it super easy without the need for calling.

Even if your competitors already have a website set up, doesnt mean you cant beat them! Once you put in the time and effort of producing quality content and updating your site regularly, getting reviews online, you will easily beat your competitors online within a couple of months. Well if you dont have time to work on your websites SEO , you can always contact zproductions at zproductions website deisign and we will be glad to help you with any questions that you have.

Website Cost

need a website

A websites cost can vary from company to company, and it depends on the size of website you need, also the quality that you will recieve. Typically you can excpect to pay around 2 or 3 thousand for a good quality website made by a website design company. Since we are always looking out for new clients, we offer websites for dirt cheap, some of our prices start from 70 euro for a good quality website, fully customized. you can have a closer look at our services to see for yourself.

Time to make a typical 5 paged website will usually be about 8 -12 days, that is for a good quality website, which includes custom styles, logos, good seo practices and content. But ofcourse a crappy website can be made within a day, just using a plain old template and changing the names, but this is not professional, and you would be better off having no website at all than having a crappy website that once someone will go onto, they will doubt your services by judging your website and the first appearance of the quality standard.

There is more to a website than just the design. To have your website design up and online viewable to the public, you would require to have a domain and hosting, a domain is your website address, basically the name of your site, the price range for a typical irish domain would usually be around 10 - 15 euro per year. Website hosting is where your website design would be stored online, the host that you choose, typically will be responsible for how fast your website loads and displays content, a host provider that we use and would recommend is siteground , they are quite reliable and never let us down, plus have one of the fastest page load speeds out there, their price is about 55 euro a year for the cheapest hosting plan, which would be more than enough if you are only starting out.

How to get a website

responsive website

Well to start off, there are many ways too get a website these days, as people rely on the internet more and more these days, more and more companys are deciding to invest into getting a website set up. Sometimes it can be a little costly to get a website set up, but it doesnt have to be, you can always set up a website all by yourself by using something like wix. wix is a website builder that is cheap and doesnt require any knowlege of coding, but its very limited as to what you can edit and style, plus if you dont have many years of experience in website design, there is a high chance that your website would not look professional at all, so 9 times out of 10 its easier and cheaper to just hire a company to do all the tech stuff for you.

Another way to get a website up for cheap would be by using Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that offers people to promote their skills and let people hire them. There is a wide variety of services to offer there, but when purchasing a website from there, be carefull, because there will be alot of people looking to earn a quick payday and give you crappy serive in return. Also a big thing to note, DO NOT BUY SEO from fiverr!! They will use black hat seo tricks for a quick pay, and mess your websites reputation in google in the long run..

Coming to an end on our reasons why to get a website in 2020, we would recommend giving us a message for cheap prices and quality work ofcourse! our can view our portfolio and see proof that we only create quality website designs out there!