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Top 6 most important Seo Tips in 2020

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Why is seo needed?

Well, to get things started, lets have a closer look at what seo really is, and why its needed. Seo is technically just techniques that people use to get a website higher up on a browsers search results, such as googles.

Seo is needed in all websites if you want to be found by search engines, and the better your seo is, the higher the ranking that your website will get, so to help you out, we have listed the top 6 seo tips used in 2020

higher rankings in seo

1. Use Keywords everywhere

Keywords are the main way that a search engine can figure out what your websites content is about.

Pick a good keyword which is no more than 4 words.

Make sure to place your keyword in your website designs title, description and content, but dont over do it, because google is smart, especially being in the game for so long now, it has figured out ways that people try to trick it.

Another important thing to note, if you have not yet picked a domain name, try to have your keyword in the domain name, but keep your domain name short, no more than 16 characters if possible.

higher rankings in seo

2. Improve your page speed

Google have addmitted in the past, that page speed is actually quite a high ranking factor that they take into consideration, you can have a look at some more ranking factors there if you wish.

When improving your websites page speed, there is alot of factors to take into consideration, like, image sizes, unused code, redirections, fonts used, and so on.

There is a easy google tool called PageSpeed Insights that shows you your page speed rating, and all the problems listed, so you can just follow the instructions that they give you and improve your website page speed dramatically.

higher rankings in seo

3. Remove or change duplicate content

Making sure there is a minimum ammount of duplicate content on your website is extrememly important.

Google has been known for giving out penalties if it finds out that you have alot of duplicate content on your website, and once this happens, it can be a long road to recovery, so its best to catch it out yourself before google does!

higher rankings in seo

Duplicate content can be easily found by using siteliner which is a free and it shows you exactly what pages of your website are suffering from duplicate content.

higher rankings in seo

4. Build Quality Backlinks

This one here is a very important one, before, a long time ago, google just relied on backlinks when figuring out how important a website was, but this was back in the days, backlinks have been abused alot, by purchasing fake links or link spamming, so google worked verry hard and created Penguin which is a filter that spots out bad backlinks, many websites went downhill after this google update.

That being said, even though low quality backlinks will only do you more harm than good, High quality backlinks are still extremely valuable for google, especially the links that pass on link juice to your website. To get high quality backlinks, it could require abit of work, but it will be worth it in the long run. Even having 10 quality backlinks will make a HUGE difference in your google rankings.

higher rankings in seo

Having Quality backlinks is important, and so is having no bad backlinks, such as backlinks that can occur from a negative seo attack by your competitors, which spam links to your website from low quality domains. To find such negative links, you can use ahrefs Backlink Checker to see all your websites backlinks that are found online.

5. Social Media

Social media is another way for saying, facebook, instagram, twitter. Why is social media important?

There are many reasons why social media is important, but lets put it this way, would you buy from a comapny that is active on facebook, with a couple reviews, photos, and maybe even a video, or would you buy from a company that is not on facebook, not on twitter, not on instagram, has no proof of really existing... Yeah, easy anwser, you would pick the company that has proof of being active and known by others.

higher rankings in seo

Another thing to note with social media is that links are not that important from social media to your website, because all links from social media are "No Follow links" which means that they do not pass on any link juice back to your website. So dont waste too much time with building links with social media, but sure as hell keep being active on there and make a post or two a week to show others that you are still actively working.

6. Update Content frequently

You might ask yourself, what is the need?

But dont be fooled! Updating your website with quality content is important for search engines to see that you are actively working on your business/ website. If google see's that your website has not changed its content or not added any content in the past 4 or 5 months, it might think that you have closed down, or decided to take a break, and will more than likely put you lower in its ranking list for keyword. ,

Also a big thing to keep in mind, make sure that your content is original and of high quality, do not copy other peoples content as google can easily see this and will more than likely give you a penalty that will dropkick your rankings down to the twilight zone! so watch out and happy typing :)

higher rankings in seo