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How to remove a watermark from a logo or image in 2020

before after watermark removed

The technique used

In this step by step tutorial we will show you how to remove a background from any paid logo or image, typically when you get a logo made by software online they will let you download it or view it online with a watermark on it, in this case we will be removing a watermark from the background of a logo, the thoughest watermark possible.

Guide sections

1. Get your logo online for free

To get a free logo for this example, we went with the Placeit logo maker. They allow you to view the logo in a large size but with a watermark for free, which is perfect for i=us, because we will be removing that watermark soon.

creating a logo with placeit

2. Save or Crop Logo

Once you have created you logo for free, you would want to save it, since we can not download the free logo image without paying for it, we need to screenshot it, but to make our lives easier, we use a chrome extension called Screenshot Capture Tool.This is an easy to use screenshot extension for chrome that lets you screenshot specific parts of a webpage, so that you dont need to crop anything out in the future.

Save the logo downlaod/screenshot on your desktop, or in a memorable place in your computer, because you will need to open it up soon.

saving your logo

3. Get Photoshop for free

For this guide we will be using photoshop to remove any watermark from an image or logo, if you dont have photoshop, you can download photoshop here for free. Once downloaded, just run the setup, and thats it, you have photoshop for free!

get photoshop for free

4. Import logo to photoshop

Once you got your free photoshop, launch it up. Click on File > Open
From here, find your logo or image that you wanted to edit and click Open

5. Remove large watermark areas

Once you have opened your logo or image with photoshop, you can start removing the larger watermark areas.
To do this, pick the Lasso Tool from your tool panel on the left hand side.
Next, draw around the large areas of the watermark that you want to remove, do 1 color at a time. This will select the area inside the dotted line.

Watermark selection

Next, Right Click the slection, and choose the Fill option from the list displayed.

Fill option

Next, a box will apear, from the "contents" selection, choose color and pick the color that you need in the color picker, then click OK, thats it, now you can use this method for removing large areas of your watermark by doing 1 color at a time.

color option

6. Remove smaller watermark areas

After you have removed all the large areas of the watermark, you need to clean up the smaller parts left over inside small parts of your logo / image that you can not remove easily with the lasso tool.
To do this is pretty easy, select the Pencil tool from the tools panel on the left hand side.<

Pencil Tool selection

Once your pencil tool has been selected, change the pencil size to 1px using the top panel.

Pencil Tool size adjustment

Pick the color that you need from the color pallete on the top right of your screen, and carefully edit in all the edges and tight spots with this tool, untill all the edges and all of the watermark has been removed.

Thats it for this guide. If you ever get stuck, we have uploaded a video on how to do remove a watermark from logo.